I offer interactive video lessons; you can schedule a lesson from anywhere in the world. Please email me if you would like to schedule a lesson.

If in-person or video lessons are not an option for you, I also offer PDF lessons.  For this option, we would have a discussion by phone or email to figure out the topics that need to be addressed. Each lesson would be tailored to the student and the subject matter at hand. This is not a generic lesson where everyone gets the same material. The lesson would be submitted in an email (or by regular mail if necessary) and would consist of a PDF file containing instructions, notation, practice suggestions, and sometimes audio files with performance examples.

If you are the director of a college or festival music program, I'm available for master classes, clinics, and workshops. This could be in the form of me presenting by myself, or with one of my ensembles, or working with a group of students from your program. 

Some of the schools where I have taught include the University of California, San Diego, Hochschule Luzern (Luzern, Switzerland), the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Rutgers University (Newark), California State University, Bakersfield, Loyola University New Orleans, The University of New Orleans, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Saddleback College. 

Selected teaching concepts for private or ensemble lessons include:

Addressing subconscious phrasing tendencies

Understanding time, gaining perspective of time continuum 

Understanding form

Interactive playing

Free/open playing

Ensemble playing

Ensembles within ensemble playing

Solo playing

Duo playing




Harmonic analysis

Playing over chord changes

Scale-chord relationship

Sound production

Chord voicings

Voice Leading

For guitarists, I also have some other areas of study that can be valuable:

Picking hand hybrid guitar technique

 -Study of all aspects of picking hand possibilities, using the pick, the fingers, and their various combinations

 -Classical guitar technique and its incorporation into improvised playing

Breaking away from position playing, studies in vertical playing

Improvising multiple voices

Developing a personal system for constructing chord voicings


 -Understanding the variables in sound production; playing technique, amp/effect settings, etc.

Guitar maintenance/repair (setting intonation, action, truss rod adjustment, etc.)

 -Keeping the guitar playing comfortably and in tune has more of an impact on performance than one may realize. 

 I've seen first hand how this knowledge effects my own playing, and recommend, on some level, everyone be able to deal with adjusting their own instrument.

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